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Letter 6: Erin and David, An Awesome South-African Couple

December 22, 2010

So how was your year 2010? The last few days of the year seem like an appropriate time to start looking back at the past 365 days or so and evaluate our evolution. And for me there’s little doubt that 2010 will have been the best year -so far-. Part of it was because I had the opportunity to spend 6 weeks in South Africa and the amazing time I had there. I met some pretty awesome people there and two of them were Erin and David. So let’s talk about why I wrote to them!

Another picture broadcasting how much I lack artistic sense when it comes to photography

Last summer I brought a group of students for a short immersion in South African families, schools and culture. It wasn’t exactly paid but I still call it the best job in the world: free plane-ticket, housing in a host family (I’ve always been nostalgic of my exchange student days), and I could roam free through Cape Town all day if I wanted.

Erin is the director of this exchange program so she welcomed us at the airport. I soon met David, her husband. Of the first few things they said I remember “You look older than your age, that’s great if you want to go clubbing with us”. I knew I was going to enjoy my time there.

Now South Africa is a pretty awesome country but when you discover it thanks to great people the impression is exponentially better. David didn’t know me yet he took me out with his friend to a photoshoot he had to do, we did some shots (don’t know if I should be thankful for that though, that looked more like an initiation), he let me drive his car on the left side of the road, let me borrow his clothes and shoes, and a lot of other small stuff that made him really nice (like his constant joking). When he  invited me to his friend’s stag people I didn’t know said “thanks for joining us!” and handed me some food, a vuvuzela, and a drink, which is not something you’re not likely to experience in France. (By the way, it was on a party bus, which doubles the fun).

Erin was so sweet too. She is one of the most respectful persons I have met, down to earth, laid back, and calm. And she’s talented too, from sculpting to painting she really has some artistic blood flowing. She made me discover some pretty cool music like Freshlyground and Goldfish (I’m not going to talk about them too much but I do want to put this small teaser from their new album, just so you can see if you’d like their music too):

Erin also took me to Franschhoek with her friends (where you can find inexpensive fancy lunches and wine tasting), and finally she invited me to join her on a 3 day trip to the garden route (yes, the South African government pays me for every hyperlink related to their country) where apart from taking care of 15 teenagers all I had to do was enjoy the zipline, safari, views, and elephant rides.

So that’s why I wrote them a letter thanking them for all of that and more, I really wish them the best for the next year (which should be exciting, they just moved to their own new house and both own two companies that seem to be doing well!).

And I took the liberty of showing a bit more of what I loved in South Africa:

Cape of Good Hope, Table Mountain, and township art made of soda cans 🙂


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  1. Great post and great story! It sounds like Erin and David treated you really well!
    How old were you when you went to South Africa? Write more about your experience! 🙂

    • Thanks! I was 22 last summer in South Africa 😉 And yeah, they treated me very well.

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