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The Response to the Letters so Far

January 23, 2011

As promised in the first post, I’ll briefly talk about responses I get to the letters I send once in a while. So here it is:

Letter 1: Nonnie. No response yet. I am not worried though, Nonnie is the one who wrote to me in the first place to tell me she loved me.

Letter 2: Sarah. There’s already a post about it. We keep in touch.

Letter 3: My brother. When I came home for Christmas I asked him if he had received the letter and he said “Oh yes. It was such a nice letter, really”. Great!

Letter 4: Lucette. My parents actually told me that she found the post card beautiful and that she was very touched. When I went to her house she also added that it was a very pretty card and the first one she had from Portugal.

Letter 5: To the post office employees. I haven’t had the courage to post it. Next Christmas I’ll write a better one and actually post that one.

Letter 6:  Erin and David. I received a nice message on facebook from Erin. They really appreciated the letter and pictures and send lots of love from South Africa. What’s nice is that I was afraid that sending them a letter might scare them considering that we’d not known each other for that long, but it didn’t and was just a nice gesture.

Letter 7: My Portuguese teacher from high school. We have an exchange student from Texas who goes to the same high school I used to. So I left her the letter. She gave it to her Portuguese teacher on a Monday and received the reply on Tuesday. It is a very nice Christmas card, with two pages. My teacher says she remembers me well, wishes me to take advantage of travelling to Portugal, and says she was very surprised and appreciated it a lot. Great.

Maybe I’ll have a full mailbox someday…
Photo by Louids

That’s about it for the responses. I really find it nice that people respond positively and that some took the time to write back. It is not as scary now as it first was, especially considering that nobody got scared by what I was doing and thought I was a psychopath in the making.

On a more personal level it feels really good to send the letters. It also gives me a sense of accomplishment (it doesn’t take much I know). I tend to be more appreciative of the people in my life and more grateful for the little acts of kindness I notice every day. I’m also learning to show people I appreciate their company (but there’s a learning curve to that, I still have a long way to go), which seems to improve my relationships in general. Finally I’m also learning to see myself in a more positive light: I can do good things!

Thanks for reading 🙂


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  1. Way to go!!!

    You are a good person & what you’re doing is definitely a worthy accomplishment. It’s admirable to see people who are grateful and more so thanking the people who touched them.

    Keep it up kiddo! 🙂

    • Comments like yours really motivate me and encourage me to keep going. Thanks so much Yor!!

  2. Clothesbym permalink

    As you already know, I like your idea. And when I read this post you really inspired me to write meaningful letters to important people in my life. I think everyone appreciates a “thank you” letter.

  3. I dont think anyone that would recieve such a heart felt letter would feel that youre a psychopath ahah…its great to be able to see your progress on your blog.

  4. That’s so nice! I am really glad that your experience is so positive! 🙂

  5. @Mari, Louisa and Lisa
    Thanks so much for these super nice comments!!!

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