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Welcome to my blog! I am trying to document my journey through the challenge of writing 101 letters to people that have had an impact on my life, before the end of 2011.

The blog posts will consist of potraits of the people I write to, with memories that I have of them and why they are important in my life. I probably will keep most of the letters private though, as well as the real names of the people (places, dates, and events will all be accurate).

I’ll try to keep you updated on answers I may get, or how this will have an influence on my life. I hope of course that people will write back, and also that this will rekindle or fuel relationships.

And of course, I hope that maybe, some of you will decide to take a good old pen and paper to write to their dear friends too! If you do, let me know.

  1. scriptorobscura permalink

    You have a very interesting blog!

  2. Hello!! This is a beautiful blog you have here, kudos to you for taking such an initiative!
    I would love to illustrate your blog (with photos that is)
    Perhaps before you put up a post (or have an idea of a post) I could read it and give you some pictures? or you can just ask for pictures and if i have it in my archives i could lend it to you and if i dont i can probably go shoot something for you ?
    Thanks for checking out my blog though! totally subscribing to yours!

  3. Very nice idea and great gesture.

    I love writing letters but since e-mail arrived then fb, the only times I send something written is when I give a card together with my gift.

    • Haha, I can relate to your comment! I had to kick myself into taking action to start this blog.
      I’m glad you stopped by this blog.

  4. Clothesbym permalink

    I like your idea to write letters to all the important people in your life. By the way how old are you? Cuz you write very interesting and inspiring things, there aren’t many young people who know how to insipre others. Keep up the good work.

    • Clothesbym that is such a sweet comment!! I’m 23, which to some people is “still young” and to others is “already old”.
      Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Noticed a referral from this site to mine. Thanks for putting me on your blog-roll! *virtual hug*

  6. Interesting concept. I hope you get through your list!
    maybe I should formalize one myself and finally get back to a few people I really should have a talking to… even if I don’t send it.. hm.

  7. Wow this is a really interesting thing your doing. I really look forward to reading
    more on this blog and all the different things which happen. All the best 🙂

    • Thanks elvalentino! I hope you’ll enjoy coming back 😉
      PS: your blog is quite cool

  8. I like your idea! The reflection involved in writing about people who mean something special is very healing. It’s motivating, thanks!

  9. Dear Elchico

    I love reading your letters, and I’ve awarded you the Versatile Blogger Award! 🙂

    The related post is over at .

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