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Letters to YOUR important persons

As promised in my new year’s resolutions, here is a page you can use if you ever want to write to someone important. Here’s how it works:

1- You can write to whoever you want, as long as writing is important to you.

2- A letter has to be written. You can keep it to yourself and write a portrait of the person in this blog. You can even decide not to send the letter if it’s that personal. But writing letters is what this blog is all about, so try it!

3- If you have a picture that fits well, feel free to include it in the post too (I don’t know how this will work, you’ll probably have to send it to me and I’ll put it… we’ll see).

4- You can write more than one letter, even to the same person. No restrictions.

5- You can decide to stay anonymous or to link to your blog. I am absolutely fine with both.

6- Write what you feel like writing. If it’s a thank-you letter, great. If it’s a letter to say you’re sorry, great. If you still have hard feelings you want to express, great. If you want to write a funny letter with no purpose, still great.  If you can put some lessons you’ve learned from these experiences, even better.

7- If you get a response to your letters, please let us know!

To send a letter, just write an email at , and ideally leave a comment on this blog to tell me to go check it (I’m not expecting this email address to be full every day, so I might not check it often. Unless you guys are totally awesome and write dozens of letters!)

All right, this is pretty simple, go get a pen and some paper, I’m looking forward to reading what you have to say!


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