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Oh Thank Heaven for 2011

January 6, 2011

Yay! After two weeks of running around in circles things are starting to straighten up enough for me to get back to this blog and update the situation.

But first, as this year is still pretty new and fresh, allow me to wish you an excellent new year and I hope you’ll keep great memories of what is to come in 2011. This is also a good occasion to give a bit more “direction” to the blog and make it (hopefully) a bit more entertaining.

So here are my “resolutions”:

1. I have completed a list of 101 persons I want to send letters to, but I keep moving names around to avoid writing the “hard” letters, where I have to say that I screwed up and I’m sorry. Resolution #1: I will write those letters.

2. There are a few blogs I enjoy reading once in a while, some of which I found by chance. Resolution #2: subscribe to these blogs and put them on a blogroll (they probably won’t get a lot of visitors from my blog but some readers might enjoy discovering them).

3. Participate in postaweek2011. I will have to post every week anyways if I want to write all these letters.

4. Letters are good but sometimes I will post more personal and unrelated posts. When I write a letter or put a portrait of someone I usually cut away all the bad memories to keep only the good stuff, but I can’t make the same promise for these posts, they will most likely replace therapy (which is where I might end up otherwise).

5. I’ll put something new on twitter 5 times a week, even though I have no followers. It’s a good complement to the blog posts when you visit the blog.

6. This very week I’ll open up a section where you can submit your own letter or portrait. You can put whatever you like (this includes a letter to your goldfish if you want). Only rules: a letter has to be written (not necessarily sent), and of course general wordpress rules (the content is not spam, no pornography, no violence, etc.). If I can get 1 person to write a letter by the end of 2011 then I’ll have contributed to something (try it, it gives nice results!).

All right, that’s it for now, hope to see you on this blog again soon!


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