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Letter 5: To The Post Office Employees

December 20, 2010

Ok, this letter really is a real dilemma. It started out because I wanted to write to Santa Claus (you know, it’s the season and all…). And since you can write to Santa and he answers, I decided I’d go all the way and actually send the letter.

Now, while writing the letter I sort of went off topic and decided to thank the post office employees instead. After all if I send a letter I might as well make sure it is addressed to someone real.  But after re-reading the letter it just sounded so…. cheesy and fake that I’m not so sure I wanna go through with it anymore.

Anyways, here’s the letter, you give me your opinion!

Dear Santa,

I started to write thank-you letters to the people who have been important in my life (yes, I have a little more than the normal age to write to Santa Claus…) and I hope this letter will kill two birds with one stone because I also intend to thank the post office employees with it.

Thank-you first because when growing up I always received my favorite magazines in the mail, and for many years. (Told you this was a cheesy letter, and it only gets worse as it goes) I remember very well the Wednesdays I spent glued to the window waiting for the postman’s yellow car to drive by. Back then we wrote postcards to our entire family when on holidays and they always received them.

Then came the time of love-letters when I was a teenager. God knows how both stressful and exciting it was to open the mailbox! But I have to thank you because at this age my phobia for phone calls would have most certainly condemned me to remain single.

Finally I left my parents’ house to live abroad. The packages I received used to put me in a good mood for the week; and I knew that the birthday cards I would send were going to get to their recipients right on time (which would never fail to surprise my parents). So thanks again.

In short, thanks to all the Post office employees who make all this possible: I plan to write dozens of letters and I am always sure they will reach port, I receive my mail even when there is a snowstorm, and I prefer opening a letter 1000 times more than opening an email.

Have a great year 2011,

The chocolate key (I actually put my real name and address… wanted to get a card from Santa)

PS: If Santa Claus has time I would still like to receive a card! Here is my list

  • Stamps to write more letters
  • A plane ticket to go around the world (but I will not be frustrated to receive only one of the two)

So there. Sure I would like to say thank-you to the post office employees but I don’t wanna get laughed at by 60 fake Santas! What I’m thinking right now is to take away my name and address and feel good with the a non-traceable good deed…

If there’s anyone of those reading this blog who might want to tell me what I should do, I’d be very interested.

Anyways, 5 days to Xmas, Enjoy!!


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