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Syndical Break

January 27, 2011

You may know from the letter to my employer that I just resigned last week. We agreed with my employer that I would stay until the report I’m working on is finished, and after I’ll be free to go. This means that I’m having a little more work nowadays as I am trying to finish this report for the beginning of next week, and I’m allowing myself a lot fewer WordPress breaks, even out of the office.

All this to say that I might take a little more time responding to comments and interacting in blogs I like to read. I have however some articles that are scheduled to be automatically published in the next few days, so feel free to come check up on what’s new here!

Just takin’ a little break…

Also, I am not making a lot of progress in the letters, and as it takes me a little more time to write portraits of people than regular articles, and I do not want to rush either the letters or the blog posts, so I’m going to delay letters 11 12 and 13 just a little bit.

And to leave you, here’s what made me smile today:

As I was walking back to the office after picking up a sandwich for lunch, I passed by a very young girl and her brother. When they saw me coming, they stood up and the little girl said: “Good afternoon sir, would you like some flowers or some grass that smells good?”

Three things here:

  1. It’s winter here in Switzerland, so she might have stolen those flowers from her parents’ house, which only makes the situation even cuter.
  2. If it is not option 1 then we might be facing some blatant display of child labour, but I’ll discard that as she was not selling the flowers.
  3. Children are awesome. They can approach each other and strangers without wondering if what they say will not sound awkward; and that’s something I would just love to be able to do but somehow un-learned. (At her age, I was giving earthworms to cars that stopped by, a little less cute and a little more boy-ish). Don’t you ever wish sometimes that human interactions were a little less complex?


Here’s part of my ride to work by the way:

Little boat brings us from France to Switzerland,


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  1. children are the best…absolutely agree.

  2. Hi,
    Yes we all lose that little bit of something that children have as we get older, I think we become less trusting I feel is the right word.

    I love your ride to work, just look at that beautiful scenery behind the boat, it would be hard to beat that..

    • Hi,
      It is a very nice ride indeed: snow capped mountains (You know, those on the Evian bottles ;)), city lights at night, fishermen in the morning working, swans in the evening. Quite cool indeed!

      Also, I agree with yours and louids’ comments. Maybe children are so nice and trusting because they haven’t had too many disappointments yet. Maybe.

  3. Really enjoyed this post and the cat picture above. Very cute. I have been very busy at work also. Hope all is well and hope to catch up on some more reading later today.

    • I remember reading on your blog that you were going to be busy, so thanks a lot for taking the time to stop by!

      PS: That cat is half crazy half lazy but still an awesome pet!

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