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So Many People Deserve Gratitude

January 28, 2011

“Can you believe someone climbed a tree in Morocco, picked a date off it, put it in a truck, drove it all the way to the dock, and then sailed it all the way across the Atlantic ocean, and then put it in another truck, and drove that all the way to a tiny grocery store just outside our house so that they can sell it to us for 25 cents?”

You may recognize this quote from Neil Pasricha’s talk at TEDX that I already talked about earlier this month. It just illustrates perfectly what I want to talk about today.

Last Christmas at home we had a white Christmas. It snowed almost nonstop on the 24th and 25th of December. During our Christmas dinner, my cousin’s boyfriend, who is a firefighter, had to leave for an emergency. And as we were driving to church the night of the 24th, we crossed the snowplow on the road. And I realized something: so many people had actually been working while I was enjoying my holidays. Doctors, surgeons, firefighters, policemen, flight attendants, air traffic controllers, and so many others were not spending Christmas with their families because they were allowing many of us to have a safe and pleasant time. They all would have deserved a thank-you note.

Someone I do not know cleaned this road
so people like us could use it!

And not only them, but every day, you interact with people who help to make your day a little better. The cashier at your grocery store who indicates you where you can find the lemon juice (why is it in the hard liquors’ aisle anyway?), the person on the street who helps you when you’re lost, your doctor who gives you the right medicine, the security agent who watches over your car in the parking lot… You’re most certainly one of these awesome people too, for someone.

Even people whom you have no interactions with do things that make your days better, like that person Neil talks about (he was actually quoting his dad FYI). Someone wrote the cooking book you’re using. Someone cleaned up the street in front of your house this morning.  A teacher is educating your children, etc. The list is infinite!

So today, why not take some time to be thankful for these strangers’ help? Even if it’s just a quick thought, it helps to feel better, you’ll notice it!


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  1. Nice post 🙂 Very touching and true!

  2. Thank you Yor 🙂

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