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Wordpress and the Buddy System

January 18, 2011

NOTE: I’ve put off writing this post because I felt highly unqualified to talk about other people’s blogs. I’m always a bit worried that I will not describe it the right way, or not convey the message the blogger wanted, so please forgive me if I say something incorrect about your blog (this is why I’m keeping all descriptions rather short).

Back in university we had a buddy system that helped to pair-up new students with more experienced ones. In theory this was simple: the big buddy gives advice to the little one, shows him around the school, tells him what’s nice in the city, and warns him against some of the many traps of student life. That’s in theory, but in practice you can guess it’s not going to work exactly like that. Sometimes the big buddy never shows up, or does not have time, sometimes the newcomers end up helping each other more, and most of the time it’s an experience you share with more than just one buddy, as groups tend to form and mutual friendships emerge.

It’s easier with a buddy
Photo by Louids

A few days ago the dailypost blog encouraged bloggers to pair-up and find a blogging buddy to stay motivated and committed to writing more often. In some aspects this is similar to the buddy system of universities, as I think many ended up with more than one blogging buddy and we’re all still following blogs we used to like before. Anyways, I wrote all this to explain how I came up with such a diversified blogroll, so before this gets any longer I think it’s best just to list all the blogs:

  • Waitingforastart is the only person with whom I have a written agreement to being blogging buddies and judging by this profile we have a lot in common, so that was a happy coincidence.
  • You may have noticed that there has been a very nice improvement on the last posts, and that’s because Louids was so great that she agreed to illustrate them! An image is worth a thousand words, so her photos might really give something both pleasant and a lot more creative to this blog.
  • Sunil, Scriptorobscura,  and Lisa,  I’m not sure you want to be included in the blogging buddies but I thought I’d mention you here. These three blogs are interesting, entertaining, and instructive all in their own way.
  • So I think writing 101 letters is a challenge? How about 10’000 blog posts! This is the awesome goal of Yor Ryeter. The blog posts are diverse, nice, inspiring, and they often make you reflect on something or stimulate your creativity.
  • There’s a lot of blogs about writing, and bardicblogger’s is my favorite. Maybe just the way he explains things.
  • Kerrycharacters is a blog with descriptions of people who have been in the author’s life, even for a few minutes only. It sounds similar to what I’m doing and she writes beautifully.
  • Little Explorer loves “being curious about life and I love learning, thinking, analyzing, reading, discussing, seeing new places, travelling and meeting people from all over the world”. Sounds nice and so is her blog.
  • Beth Parks Aronson has three blogs, each with a different focus. I linked to my favorite one: a blog about lists that she does together with other bloggers. I like the way she answers the lists.
  • I hardly spend a day without listening to music. Apparently he can’t too: visit a song a day to discover or re-discover some very interesting songs.
  • Magsx2‘s blog has a bit of everything and lately I’ve mainly used it to get news about the floods near Brisbane.
  • Dara ‘s blog –Good at Life– is always very helpful to learn more about goals, relationships, etc.

All right, I’ll stop for now. There are many other blogs I read once in a while, so this list is bound to increase at some point. I just thought it was nice to mention why I put these blogs on the blogroll so you know what can be of interest to you before clicking!

I’m also trying to figure out how to make this blog a little more interactive (like I did with the section for your own letters, remember to use it some time, it’s for you 😉 ). Do you have any idea?


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  1. Thanks for the shoutout for my blog! I will have to check out a bunch of others! And I will check out the section for posting our own letters. I have one I should write.

  2. Wow, I made it to your blogroll 🙂 Thank you! Your list made me discover amazing blog posts 😉

  3. Thank you for the mention! I’m looking forward to looking into some of these other blogs. I also really enjoy bardicblogger. Great idea about the 101 letters…very inspiring. I may decide to do something similar. Best to you! dara

  4. Thanks for the shout-out. I thought we are blog buddies, but even if we are not, your blog still rocks. 🙂

  5. Wow you got to know a lot of bloggers, good for you!!

  6. Thank you for mentioning my blog! 🙂 You are nice too!

  7. To all of you: thank YOU for writing very cool posts on your blogs (thus making me look good when I advertise them :P)

    @Beth Parks Aronson, if you want to put your letter on this blog, fell free to do so!

  8. Hi Elchico,
    Thank You very much for the mention in your blog, sorry I didn’t see it earlier, but have been busy as you can imagine, thousands of people helping to clean up as much as possible. I hope you will continue to come and visit my blog.

  9. waitingforastart permalink

    Thank you so much for mentioning my blog. I keep meaning to do a blogroll. It is so interesting to see what other people find worth reading.

  10. @magsx2: Of course I’ll visit your blog often! You must be having some enriching experiences helping others, that’s great.

    @waitingforastart: I’m curious to see your blogroll, I bet you’ll have some very nice blogs for us to discover!

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