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Response 1: Sarah

December 13, 2010

Sometimes a little encouragement is just what you need to get back in the right track, and that’s what I just received in the form of a very sweet email from Sarah.

We used to write to each other at regular intervals before, but days turned into weeks and pretty quickly into months. So I had not received a lot of news in the past few weeks, but as she received my postcard she quickly wrote to thank me, say it was super nice and very unexpected.

She said that she’s the one who usually picks up her roommate’s mail and that they always get all the letters (although mostly bills), but that today she was thrilled because it was her turn to receive a postcard, along with a cheque she got from an acting job from last month. Now, I didn’t even know about the acting job, which is usually news that people share, so I was glad to get updates from her life.

Considering the effect that a simple postcard made (She was happy and I now know what is going on in her life), it has really motivated me to keep going and write!

So here I am, pen in hand -almost- and with a bunch of pictures I ordered to print and that I will put with the letters. Expect some blog posts soon!

Thanks for reading


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